TGMS Show Quiz!

TGMS Show – Quiz Case

1. February 12 has been designated Worldwide Pegmatite Day.
2. Hawaii is not known for its granitic pegmatites.
3. Some people prefer pegmatite-produced tourmaline specimens.
4. Pegmatites are the primary source of rare earth elements
5. Emeralds are found in the pegmatites of Muso, Columbia.
6. Pure beryl is colorless.
7. Most granitic pegmatites contain crystal pockets.
8. Uranium is absent from pegmatites.
9. Black tourmaline is called schorlite.
10. Gabbroic pegmatite is composed predominantly of pyroxene and plagioclase feldspar.
11. About 25% of known minerals have been found in pegmatites.
12. The term pegmatite was first used by René Haüy (1822) for graphic granite (intergrowth of quartz and microcline feldspar with runic writing appearance).
13. Heliodor, beryllonite, aquamarine, and morganite are all varieties of beryl.
14. Aquamarine can be pink in color.
15. The rose quartz on display in this case is from Ukraine.
16. Triphane is a variety of spodumene.