TGMS Show Quiz!

TGMS Show – Quiz Case

1. Cactus quartz is found mostly in the southern half of Arizona.
2. Many mineral collectors have a specimen or two of β-Quartz from Arkansas.
3. Quartzite, Arizona is the type locality for quartz.
4. Petrified or silicified wood is a quartz pseudomorph.
5. Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust.
6. Both quartz and topaz are hard minerals, both having a Mohs hardness scale of 8.
7. Obsidian forms near active volcanoes, is approximately 70% silica, and considered to be non-crystallized silica.
8. Agates mostly form as nodules within volcanic rocks.
9. Yellow quartz is called citrine. Most citrine specimens or gemstones are generated from heated amethyst.
10. High voltage powerline arcing onto sandy soil can produce the silica mineraloid lechatelierite.
11. All gwindel quartz specimens are from the European Alps.
12. Double-terminated clear Herkimer diamonds (quartz crystals) can be found in the Alps.
13. Amethyst owes its color to gamma irradiation and presence of trace iron.
14. Coesite was first described from Meteor Crater in 1954 by Loring Coes.
15. Australia is still the largest producer of opals.
16. Lake Superior agate is the designated state mineral of Minnesota.